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The story behind… the PAJALA

By 14. September 2014 April 7th, 2017 Work

Each bag of my launch collection has its own little story. There was always a certain reason why I came up with exactly this or that design, and, of course, I always underwent a few stages from the idea to a reproducible product.

So I thought, I should share these little stories and give you a closer look on my beloved bags.

First I’m gonna start with the PAJALA backpack. Actually, this one was the first bag that made it into my launch collection. I had the idea of a bag for myself, that can be carried by hand or on the back – as I take my bike quite often. It should be suitable for laptops and other documents, but it shouldn’t be too stiff. Very minimalistic, made of cotton canvas, but at the same time not too sporty. As I’m a huge fan of the combination grey and white, I ended up with a light grey canvas and white poly-straps.

This canvas I used for the prototype was too soft though. Luckily I stepped over the beautiful salt and pepper canvas, which is seen in my whole collection. It’s just perfect – durable and at the same time with a nice and soft grip. To give this very minimalistic bag a subtle and unexpected contrast, I integrated a blue and white checked cotton lining. The inner compartment for laptops or other material was adjusted several times, as well, until the prototype was ready to reproduce. At the end of the optimization process, the PAJALA became the bag with the longest production time of my collection. It’s made out of 42 individual parts, all handcrafted with love for detail and precision. It also comes in a grey/black combination, and a whole black version is in the making.

So, all in all, I am more than happy with the result of this puristic and sophisticated backpack and I use it a lot by myself. Of course, it looks good on boys, too!

One last question remains. Why did I name it PAJALA? Well, as you might have noticed, all my bags are named after certain Scandinavian cities or towns. Either places I’ve already been to or places I have a certain connection with. The little town Pajala in the very North of Sweden is such a place.