Every piece of leather we use is vegetable tanned and free of chrome and other toxic chemicals. The thick leather for our cotton- and linenbag straps comes from Italy. For all other leather goods we use premium olive leaf tanned leather from Spain. This innovative tanning method sets new standards in respect of environmental sustainability. The natural tanning agent is extracted from olive leaves – a by-product of the olive harvest, valuable and very little-used. Its production reduces the emission of carbon dioxide as the leaves are no longer burned. The leather tanning procedure not only ensures maximum sustainability and consideration of all ecological aspects but also allows reduction of acids, salts, syntans and dyestuffs as compared to traditional tanning methods.


Our vegetable tanned leather is a 100% natural material and shows its wear beautifully over time. It will develop a unique patina and therefore its very own identity. It‘s not coated with polyurethane like many conventionally produced leathers. That means, the surface remains natural and breathable, authentic marks in the skin remain and emphasize its authenticity.


For our basic bag collection we use linen fabric and 18oz cotton canvas made according to traditional English standards. Usually used for various outdoor goods or occasions the linen and the twisted woven cotton canvas are extremly durable and water- and dirtrepellant. Both fabrics are made in Italy by a longterm family run company which is specialized in innovative outdoor fabrics. They fulfill our need for durability and stability and therefore longevity of our handcrafted goods, as well as a EU-production keep transport emissions as low as possible.


As our natural leather is not coated with chemicals, the color can slightly change over time and water can leave spots. If you happen to get into heavy rain we recommend to leave your bag slowly dry at room temperature. To remove dust or dirt from your bag, you can use a dry or slightly damp cotton cloth.  If you like to fresh up your leather after a while, you can use a mild leather lotion. Please contact us for a product recommendation!
Our cotton canvas and linen bags are already dirt- and water-repellent. Any dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth or a little bit of neutral soap.