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Dreaming of lakes and woods

By 23. August 2014 April 7th, 2017 Travelling

My past weeks were so packed with producing bags I didn’t have the chance to do anything else but sewing. After relaxing a bit it was time to get all the annoying paperwork done and finally clean up my computer again.

While I was flipping through my photo library I stepped over a file filled with pictures of a fabulous road trip five years ago. My lovely mum and me took the camper and drove through Sweden towards Stockholm and back. So many nice memories, so many wonderful experiences… Swimming in empty lakes, cooking jam of blueberries we picked in the woods, waking up next to the sea, eating warm Kanelbullar and, of course, a little bit of shopping in Stockholm.

I love travelling with a camper so much, especially in the nordic countries. You’re able to see so many different places and be absolutely spontaneous.
And, I think, sometimes it’s good getting along with just the most necessary for a while.