Our day to day lives are often characterized by an overload on the senses that is hard to escape. With her reduced style of design, SARAH JOHANN sets a particular tone and emphasizes the distinctiveness of the simplistic. Inspired by various Modernist trends, her own-name label, which was founded in 2014 in Berlin, is focused on bags and leather goods for men and women, which combine great design, quality and suitability for everyday use.
Here, the reduced style flows like a common element through the collections: All models are distinctive for their simple design, clear, geometric forms and usability. Loud color combinations are as rare as superfluous ornamentation or decorative fittings. The used materials are durable Italian cotton canvas and linen and vegetable-tanned leather from Germany and Italy.
Every SARAH JOHANN model is developed and produced in her studio house in the Uckermark/Brandenburg. Top-quality artisanal production and longevity are fundamental principles.
The aim is for the subsequent owner to get a product that conforms to his or her expectations of design and quality and which accompanies him or her in everyday life.